I was a design lead on the Yahoo desktop search UI on Mozilla. On November 11, 2015, we launched a new Yahoo Search design for Mozilla browser users. We modernized the core page elements and introduced a new approach to delivering multimedia content. 
Header clean up
Based on learnings from monetization, I created a header that not only gave Yahoo Search a unique look, but also performed better than the previous header.
Explored image + video intent
Due to image and video being one of the most common use cases for entity queries, we developed an approach that highlights them without increasing the use of vertical real estate consumed..
The best way to convey the feeling of the movie to the user was the trailer, so we decided to lead with the trailer video, followed by images that were relevant to the movie.
For people, we found that video was the best way to give users a sense of who the person was, and for current people we could keep this freshly updated to show current interviews, retrospectives for historically notable people and everything in between.
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