is the second oldest product at Google and the Desktop product hadn't been updated since 2013. I led the redesign that launched in June 2017.  
What I did: 
Led UX: Drove clarity on the product system of features and functionality by regularly meeting with PM and Eng leads to comb through all features to identify what we would migrate, deprecate or evolve.
Updated architecture: Created an updated architecture that considered the previous system, ensuring all features worked in concert to deliver clear navigation. 
Respected the past: Audited and itemized all of the UI components, their states and usage; then worked with Eng and PM teams to ensure all pieces of the system were accounted for. 
Responsive design: The material grid did not account for a two column layout that was required. I created a responsive grid, that scaled down to tablet, and documented how all components responded.
News coverage:
Google News gets a much-needed redesign to cut down on clutter ...
The Verge-Jun 27, 2017
“Borrowing some elements from its mobile app and search engine design philosophy, Google has also transitioned the news reader to a card-based interface. That way, every story gets its own clutter-free rectangle with links to related coverage and subjects and more prominent photo placement, as well as more thoughtful placement of key information points like article source, headline, and publish time.” - The Verge
Google News Redesign Is Easier to Read With More Fact-Checking
Fortune-Jun 28, 2017
“ One of the most noteworthy new additions to the revamped Google News is a fact-checking section that rests to the right of the page. The section contains a list of the most popular articles that check the facts of current rumors or false information that are spreading throughout the Internet. “ - FORTUNE
Google News launches a streamlined redesign that gives more ...
Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard-Jun 27, 2017
“The new interface makes it easier for users to manage the topics they want to follow. It also allows users to more explicitly prioritize or eliminate results from specific outlets.”
Google News has been given a makeover to help it tackle fake news 28, 2017
“Other changes include the introduction of Cards... This includes alternative news reports to the main one that is shown. The idea is to provide as many ways as possible to expose users to a variety of media sources and tackle the 'echo chamber'.” - WIRED UK
Google News redesigned with a cleaner look
Engadget-Jun 27, 2017
“If it's been a while since you've visited Google News, now may be the best time to take a peek. Google has given its News website's looks a thorough cleanup, retaining key elements and giving you more control while getting rid of anything that adds clutter. In short, it doesn't look like a search results page anymore. Gone are the blue links and the article snippets. It has adopted a card format that groups related stories together and has relevant tags you can click to delve deeper into particular topics. Even better, clicking a link opens a new tab, so you don't have to click back to explore the other stories. The design's best new feature lies outside the cards, though: you can now customize the menu on the left-hand side of the page. All you need to do is click "Manage Sections" to add new a new search term and to give that new entry the appropriate title. That could make following any unusual topic you may be interested in a lot easier.”
Google News gets facelift that focuses on showing facts - CNET
“Google News got a redesign this week that's more about facts than fonts.”
Google News Redesign Focuses on UX, Facts and User Control
“The success of Material Design sparked an interest from Google’s executives to bring this design to all of their other services. The process has been slow but it’s proven to be quite successful as its brought renewed interest in many of the company’s older services. The latest to get a new paint job is the Google News web portal.”
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